For a number of years now, we have hosted Snake Avoidance Training on our lawn, put on by Winter Kennels in Burnet, Texas.


The trainer traps and removes the venom sacs of rattlesnakes, copperheads, and cottonmouth water moccasins to use for training purposes.

The cost of the training is $60 per dog, per snake. As a courtesy, refresher courses are complimentary each year to those dogs that have already paid and been through a training session with Winter Kennels before.


We also offer Rattlesnake Vaccination for those dogs that would have higher exposure to snakes such as those who hunt, hike with owners, or even spend time at the river. The vaccine works by generating protective antibodies against snake venom in the patient's body. This means that vaccinated dogs experience less pain and have a reduced risk of permanent injury from a rattlesnake bite. Such patients usually experience less swelling and faster recovery after a bite. The combination of vaccination and training will not keep your pet from reacting to venom if bit, but it will give your dog the best chance at a fast recovery.

Please call Tickle Blagg Animal Hospital to find out more about the vaccine or training.

Please contact us if you would like to register your dog for training!