Health Certificate Information

Dr. Blagg and Dr. Jordan are both USDA accredited veterinarians who can issue health certificates for international and interstate travel including health certificates that require APHIS endorsement.

Visit APHIS Pet Travel website for the requirements for the state or country your pet will be traveling to. You must also check with your airline for additional requirements or forms to be completed. There are also pet travel companies that can help facilitate all necessary documents especially if you are relocating to a foreign country with your pet, please note that preparing for travel to some countries can take months.

Please note that the Veterinary Services (VS) Endorsement Offices are responsible for the endorsement of your pet's International Health Certificate for a fee, if needed for international export. The office is located in Austin and health certificates can be endorsed in person or via mail.

Many times the process to collect all necessary information takes time and since each state or country has separate requirements we ask that all the needed information be received before the appointment is scheduled.

Complete the checklist below completely and we will call you within 1-2 business days for any further questions and to schedule the appointment for a physical exam and health certificate. If your pet is at least 12 weeks old then a rabies vaccination certificate is required. If you are unable to upload it below, you can take a photo of it and e-mail to